Children occupational therapy is beneficial for kids with physical impairments and will help them lead healthy lives. Occupational therapists (OT) asses and treat children with disorders, whether cognitive, mental or physical and who struggle with basic living skills as a result of their disorder. The goal of an OT is to help children or individuals overcome challenges they face on day to day basis and live independent lives. Child OTs have a great love for kids and an immense amount of compassion and patience. As soon as you detect signs that your child has problems handling the necessary tasks, you need to take the child to an Occupational Therapy for Children Adelaide clinic. Starting this therapy as early as possible makes it easier for the child to overcome their problems and develop new skills to lead a better life.


One warning sign that your child needs occupational therapy is an overreaction to certain sounds, touch or smells. It can indicate a sensory disorder or malfunction. An overreaction to stimuli might show that the kid has a hard time handling change and is easily distracted by sights and sounds. Kids can also have an under-reaction to stimuli and have a high pain tolerance. These under and over-reactive responses mean that the kid’s brain cannot correctly receive sensory info and create the right response. Children occupational therapy will help such a child cope with these symptoms.



Another common warning sign to watch for is poor coordination and lack of motor skills. You may notice frequent tripping, falling, or lack of balance. Children OT can help the kid improve their coordination through a variety of physical exercises. Excellent motor skills help kids complete tasks such as holding a crayon or pencil, grasping a pair of scissors, writing their name or even folding a piece of paper. Kids with poor motor skills may avoid doing certain activities at school in which they would be required to show any of these skills. The kid might be overwhelmed and frustrated trying to play games, manipulate small puzzles, or objects as they lack the motor skills. Daily tasks, for example, holding a fork, buttoning, or tying their shoes can as well be difficult. Occupational Therapy for Children Adelaide clinic will work tirelessly to straighten the child’s motor skills and soon the child can perform better and handle such tasks effortlessly.


Last but not least, lack of initiation is also another warning that may indicate a kid would benefit from Occupational therapy. Social skills are critical for a full life and a prosperous future. A child’s social skills disorder will find it hard associating with family members as well as peers. They will also fail to initiate in groups and prefer to observe rather than participate. Occupational Therapy for Children Adelaide can also help such kids improve their social skills. OT will assess and determine the right method if treatment and help the child.